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Testimonials: Testimonials

“I am ridiculously impressed with the people at Sherrill Realty! My daughter is going to the U of A (Roll Tide!!) this fall, but decided to move early from California!! We saw the apartment she was going to rent about a month ago and decided that it was a perfect fit for her. The move 2400 miles away from home went smoothly. The apartment was move-in ready and the small fixes were addressed in a most timely manner! Whitney promised that my daughter would be well taken care of, and that promise has been kept! Coming from California, we were a little anxious and were used to rude people. We have had the BEST experience so far with Sherrill Realty and I highly recommend them!!
Happy Momma”

M. P. 

“I've lived here for 3 years and have never had a problem with the staff or maintenance. Every time I've needed something fixed it gets done within a few days, if not the next day. My apartment is cheap and nice and I love it!”

E. W. 

“They work extremely hard to take care of their tenants.”

R. H. 

“The best realty company I had during my years at the university.”

S. G. 

“Sherrill is responsible and acts to correct any issues that come up that are their responsibility. We had a number of issues occur that included problems with adjacent units, these problems where corrected immediately.”

P. B. 

“Great apartments, great value. Near stadium and campus.”

J. G. 

“Really nice people to work with! Quick to respond to requests.”

L. M. 

“Friendly staff and reasonable pricing.”

B. K. 

“They are a great property management company. We are in our 4th year leasing with them!”

W. D. 

“Great people, wonderful customer service. Beautiful properties!”

C. P. 

“Still in my first lease with Sherrill Realty. Have had nothing but a fine experience so far. I’ve already renewed my lease. Great people!”

B. W. 

“I have had such a good experience renting with Sherrill. They rarely bother you with visits or phone calls unless they are letting you know that someone is coming to the house/apartment and also have very reliable maintenance. I am renting from them another year and couldn’t be happier! Office staff is so sweet and understanding when it comes to students needs. Best realty company in Tuscaloosa!”

M. P. 

"We would like to thank you for making our move in to the University Square apartment complex so easy. Your quick response to our issues make us feel confident we chose the right place for our son!"

H. F. 

“We have absolutely loved every moment of living in our apartment and dealing with the office. We have had kind service and prompt replies to calls and service requests. Thank you; this means the world! We would love many more years with you all if our lives weren’t taking us away from T-Town. Thanks for all you do! We will/have recommended you to anyone in Tuscaloosa!”

H. Y. 

“Thank you for excellent attendant representation! I wish I knew about this place before senior year!”

M. S. 

“Thank y’all for being such a great leasing company! You guys always helped us with anything we needed and were always accommodating! We loved living here for our senior year!”

K. B. 

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